How to Check Transmission Fluid

Changing transmission fluid

Do you know how to check the transmission fluid in your car? It’s a pretty simple maintenance task you can do at home in New Braunfels! The transmission fluid is an essential part of a well-functioning transmission, so if you know how to check the level and condition of your fluid, it’ll be easier to pick up on potential issues when/if they arise. Before you learn how to check the transmission fluid level, you may want to know more about its purpose. Transmission fluid:

  • Lubricates mechanical parts,
  • Cools,
  • Prevents oxidation,
  • Maintains fluid pressure,
  • Conditions the gasket, and
  • Prevents rust.

You can count on the service pros at Northside Chevrolet to teach you everything you need to know about how to check the transmission fluid level. Check out our guide below!

Steps to Check Transmission Fluid Level and Quality

Not quite sure how to check transmission fluid? That’s ok! Here are the five steps for how to check the transmission fluid and as a friendly reminder, you should also look at the overall condition of the fluid:

  1. Allow your engine to run for several minutes to get it warmed up to the right temperature. After a few minutes, ensure the car is in ‘park’ before turning it off. Pop the hood and exit the car.
  2. Locate your transmission fluid dipstick. If you have a front-wheel-drive car, you should find it to the right of the oil dipstick. If needed, your owner’s manual should provide a diagram showing the dipstick’s location.
  3. Slide the dipstick out completely and pick up a small spot of the fluid on your finger. Rub it around and check the color. Transmission fluid in good condition is almost clear, with a tinge of pink. If it’s dark or dirty or smells like it’s been burning, you should schedule service immediately.
  4. Using an old cleaning rag, wipe the dipstick clean. Reinsert it in its holder, then remove it completely once more. Check the fluid level against the dipstick markers. If the level is clearly under the “Full” line, then you need to top it off.
  5. Avoid spillage by using a funnel to add new transmission fluid. You should only add a small amount at a time, as you can overfill the fluid very quickly.

If your transmission fluid is low but you’d prefer to let a professional top it off, you’re welcome to bring your car to our service center in San Antonio! We’ll have you in and out in no time.

How Often Do You Check Your Transmission Fluid?

As you can see, checking transmission fluid in your home garage in Schertz is quick and easy! Now that you know how to check transmission fluid, how often do you check your transmission fluid? Just like your engine oil and power steering fluid, you should check the transmission fluid once a month.

Learn More About Transmission Fluid

Northside Chevrolet wants to help you gain confidence when it comes to at-home car maintenance! Check out these additional transmission fluid tips to round out what you’ve learned so far:

  • Just like engine oil, there are different types of transmission fluid and you can’t use just any fluid in your car. Check your owner’s manual for the exact type of transmission fluid to put in your vehicle.
  • Most vehicles on the road today in Boerne employ an automatic transmission, but if you have a manual transmission, you’ll probably need a jack to check the fluid. For this reason, most manual drivers find it’s easiest to visit a service center for fluid checks and changes.
  • Have you noticed a delay when your vehicle is shifting gears? This could be due to low transmission fluid, but it might also indicate a larger problem. You can check the fluid as a starting point, but if it’s level, you should bring your car in for service as soon as possible.
  • Transmission fluid should be fully replaced every 50,000 to 100,000 miles, depending on your transmission type, driving habits, and more. Check the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual for detailed information.

Schedule Service at Northside Chevrolet!

Northside Chevrolet is here to help with all things auto. Our advisors can answer any service questions you have, just contact us or call us at to start a conversation! And don’t forget, our service specials are always on rotation to keep your maintenance budget-friendly. Looking for more car care tips you can trust? Check out our other maintenance tips for information on cleaning leather seats and more!

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