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There are few things in the world better or funnier than a well-planned and perfectly executed prank. With April Fools’ Day on the horizon, it’s time for fun-loving tricksters to prepare their worst (best) gags. And to those pranksters, we salute you by offering our 9 best car prank ideas to pull on April 1st. Godspeed.

1. Change the “Open Door” Chime

Bless your victim’s older car with a new door chime this April Fools’ Day. You’ll need some automotive know-how for this car prank, including the ability to cleanly dismantle a dashboard, solder wires, and hook up relays and switches to circuit boards. Get to planning now, and consider going for an epic Rick Roll.

Figure out how to pull this amazing car prank off here.

2. Buy Them a “New” Car

You’ve seen this scenario play out in car commercials: Husband buys Wife a new car, parks it in the driveway, and decorates it with wrapping paper and a comically large gift bow. Out the front door they go, Husband’s hand covering Wife’s eyes. Husband says, “Surprise!” And they live happily ever after.

But this is April Fools’ Day, not some romantic gift-giving holiday! Instead of buying a new vehicle, park your spouse’s old car in the driveway, wrap it with wrapping paper, and place a gift bow atop the hood. Then watch how this April First prank plays out.

(Warning: If this April Fools’ Day prank works – it will – and results in tears, you may want to do the real thing on your next anniversary. Shop for a new car at our San Antonio Chevy dealer when that time comes.)

3. Post-it Note Car Prank

Covering your friend or family member’s car in post-it or sticky notes is one of the most common vehicle pranks to pull on April Fools’ Day. But because we’re a car dealership and service center, our auto technicians wanted to know what the labor and cost would be to pull off this April 1st prank. Here’s how the math works:

With a compact or small car like the Chevy Cruze, you’re looking at a length of 184 inches, width of 71 inches, and height of 58 inches. Taking into account the dimensions of the windshield, hood, back window, side mirrors, front and rear sides, and roof, you’ve got over 40,000 sq. in. of area to cover with post-its.

The average post-it note is approximately 3 inches by 3 inches. To cover 40,000 in2, you’ll need about 4500 stickies. At about $2 per 100-stickie pack, material costs will be in the $100 range, give or take.

Logistically, to set up this car post-it prank within 4 hours, you’ll need 3 capable sets of hands laying down an average of 7 stickies per minute.

Sounds like a lot of work, but it’ll be worth it. Watch this YouTube video for more ideas.

4. Saran Wrap, Meet Car

The premise of this April Fools’ car prank is simple: wrap your buddy’s vehicle in a ridiculous amount of plastic wrap. Because you’re a good friend, wrap a box-cutter somewhere between the layers of plastic. (Bonus points if you wrap the seats and steering wheel, too.)

Watch the YouTube clip.

5. Fake Broken Window

This April Fools’ Day car prank serves two purposes:

Make your victim think someone broke into their car;

Teach yourself how to make candy glass.

First, make your sugar glass. (Practice makes perfect.)

Next, roll down your friend’s window.

Finally, toss the candy glass shards all over the ground and car seats.

For the recipe to make sugar class, watch this YouTube tutorial video.

6. Used Car for Sale!

Transform your friend’s driveway or office parking area into a makeshift used car lot. Simply place a “For Sale” sign next to their vehicle. Price? $1. Condition? Perfect. Phone number? His or her mobile. (Hint: Buy a few replacement signs, as your friend will surely remove them throughout the day.)

7. Zip-Tied Driveshaft

Tighten a zip-tie to one of the driveshafts on your friend’s vehicle. As the wheels turn, the plastic will slap against the chassis, causing a very irritating and mysterious “uh-oh” sound. Just be sure to inform your April Fools’ victim before they head to the auto service center. Who knew a five-cent zip-tie could cause such anxiety?

Watch the YouTube clip to see how it’s done.

8. Weaponized Food

April 1st is the one day pranksters can really let loose, so why not go big with your next car prank? Here are a few ways to turn your friend’s vehicle into a mobile landfill:

Mix Vaseline jelly and minced garlic, then spread it behind the car’s door handles.

Crack open a can of tuna ever so slightly, drain the fluid, and put the can underneath the car seat.

Cut open an onion and hang the rings on the rearview mirror using twine.

Place a container of bleu cheese on the dashboard, in direct sunlight.

9. Nice Parking Job

Spouse leave for work early in the morning? Not on April 1st! Wake up early – or stay up late – and sneakily reposition their vehicle sideways in the garage. Then watch as they Austin-Powers their way out, undoubtedly cursing at you the entire time. It’s car pranks like these that make you wish April Fools was a 365-day event.

Watch a YouTube clip of this car prank done right.

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