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A fully redesigned midsize crossover SUV, the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse has been specifically designed for family drivers and other drivers who need a lot of seating and cargo space. Even if you don’t have a large family, the Traverse has enough storage space in it for you to haul most of the things you’ll need. Aside from the expansive seating and cargo options, here are a few reasons to test drive the Chevrolet Traverse in San Antonio, TX.

Spacious Seating Options

As mentioned above, the new Chevy Traverse has spacious seating. This is perfect for those mornings you have to drive carpool or for the parents who carpool a load of kids to school every morning and afternoon. The front seats are large and spacious, and the middle row comes in either a bench seat or two captain’s chairs options, which is unique to see in most SUV’s. Although the third row is smaller, it is quick and simple to access, especially with the captain’s chairs in the middle row, and is perfect for kids and even teenagers.

Major Cargo Space

Due in part to its large size, the Traverse allows you a significant amount of cargo space. With 23 cubic feet of room and even more space if you fold down the third-row seating, the Traverse’s cargo capacity is among the largest in its class. Aside from the cargo space in the back of the vehicle, you have several storage options throughout, including cupholders, pockets in the doors, and consoles throughout.

Feels Like a Smaller Vehicle

It might be a bigger vehicle, but the Chevy Traverse will make you feel like you’re driving a much smaller car such as the Chevrolet Malibu in San Antonio. It handles itself with confidence and is easy to drive. Unlike many other SUVs, you will always feel like you are in control with its optimized steering functions and high absorption suspension. You can put the pedal to the metal as they say, because the nine-speed automatic transmission will ensure that the jerks you often might feel when driving other SUVs are minimized.

Surprisingly Good Gas Mileage

When driving an SUV, even a midsize SUV, you don’t usually expect much in terms of gas mileage. The Traverse, on the other hand, gets 310 horsepower with a V6 engine that delivers pretty impressive gas mileage. It averages about 18 miles per gallon in the city and 27 miles per gallon on the highway. These numbers are in the upper half of cars in its class.
The is part of Chevrolet’s luxury sub-brand and it will not disappoint. With its rich interior accents of suede and wood on the interior, combined with leather upholstery and surfaces, you’ll never doubt that you made the right choice in purchasing a Traverse.

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