Where Smooth Drives Begin: Get an Oil Change in San Antonio

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Oil Change in San Antonio, TX

Where Smooth Drives Begin: Get an Oil Change in San Antonio

The Oil Change: Your Key to Reliable Exhilaration

Have you ever wondered how you can help your car, truck, or SUV cruise in peak shape for more than 100,000 miles? The secret starts with a Chevrolet oil change, as this simple service is vital for engine health. But how often do you need this service and what does it really do for your vehicle? Stick with us today, as we’ll walk through all the basics about this fluid change. Also, schedule your oil change at the Northside Chevrolet service center in San Antonio, TX, to begin.

First Things First…Why Do You Need an Oil Change?

You hear it all the time—auto technicians reminding you to get your oil changed—but why is this service so important? In short, the oil lubricates your engine’s smaller parts, which helps prevent excess friction when the metal components rub against each other. Without the oil, the friction causes your motor to experience early wear and tear, which takes you down a slippery slope of auto repair issues that could have otherwise been avoided. Also, all those metal shavings that break off in the process can change your oil’s consistency which leads to even more problems—so, an oil replacement is easily one of the top services you’ll never want to miss.

As a bonus, do you cruise with a high-performance vehicle like a Camaro or Corvette? The oil also helps your motor properly cool after working your vehicle’s power to its full potential, whether you dominated at the track or found some fun on the open back roads. Either way, keeping up with oil service helps you avoid an overheat.

When Should You Schedule Your Oil Replacement?

Now for the big question—when do you make your oil change appointment? As a rule of thumb, we recommend this service every 7,500 – 10,000 miles. However, if you don’t drive often, we’d still suggest at least once a year, as your oil changes consistency and composition over time, and you’ll want to empty the old fluids from your vehicle.

Keep in mind you have a choice in the type of oil you receive—but no need to panic as our technicians already know which models require a synthetic blend and the exact viscosity grade, saving you valuable time and eliminating guesswork.

Like New Drives Ahead—Begin near Schertz

Are you ready to help your Chevrolet cruise with finesse—even well beyond the 100K mileage mark? Then schedule your oil change service at Northside Chevrolet near Alamo Heights, TX. Our team is also here to guide you the entire time, so feel free to ask if a synthetic oil blend can enhance your drives or if you want to know a few tips to help your Silverado 1500 pickup drive in peak shape—and that’s only the beginning of how we can help.

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