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Crossovers are only increasing in popularity. With the combination of rugged looks and comfortable in-city driving, it’s an auto class that won’t be going away any time soon. Among the crossovers, fewer are more successful than the Chevrolet Equinox. In fact, it’s Chevrolet’s 2nd best-selling car behind only the Silverado. If you’re shopping for a new or preowned car in San Antonio, TX, here are some of our favorite features of the Chevy Equinox.

Teen Driver Feature Standard

If you have a teen in your household (or if you’ve ever been a teen, and chances are you have), you know they could use could use a little help. The Equinox comes equipped with features that help you monitor your teen and encourage good driving habits. For instance, you can set speed alerts that warn the driving when he/she is driving too fast. Or, you can set the electronics to mute the audio system until both front-seat passengers have put on their seat belts. The Teen Driver feature can also produce a report card that lets you know how they’ve been driving and if there are any areas that could use improvement. Such on-the-spot analysis helps instill safe driving habits and better peace of mind.

Rear Seat Kneels for Better Load Capacity

A crossover doesn’t do you much good if it doesn’t actually cross over into providing the kind of performance you can expect from an SUV. The Equinox rear seats kneel all the way down to provide a flat load floor, so you can pack some pretty hefty cargo should the need arise.

Driver Assistive Technology

Hauling cargo is valuable, but chances are, you’ll be doing most of your driving in the city. And, no matter how careful you are, a little modern assistance from time-to-time will only make driving safer. Thankfully, the 2018 Equinox comes equipped with a rear cross-traffic alert, automatic breaking, a blind-spot warning, and even a surround-view camera to aid in parallel parking.

Top-Notch Smartphone Integration

Sometimes, you might not want to be plugged in, but you never want to be forced to stay away from your phone. With this in mind, the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard in the Equinox. Play your music, make phone calls, or send text via your personal contact list, and use your maps to navigate – all over the user-friendly, 7-inch touch-screen. Once you’re set up, going hands-free will become so second-nature, you’ll be shouting orders at your Equinox like you’re Captain Kirk.

All-Wheel Drive Available

Nothing gives you better comfort than the improved traction and performance of all-wheel drive. If you live in an environment where there’s rain or snow, your safety can be greatly compromised, but with the advantages of having all four wheels working simultaneously to steer you clear of trouble, a snow or rain storm will give you less reason to worry. And, if you get the all-wheel option, even when the weather is favorable, you’ll find reasons to explore places where maybe the conditions aren’t as reliable as the city. Who knows? Maybe driving could even be fun again. Wouldn’t that be something?

Do your own investigation of the Chevrolet Equinox. San Antonio, TX, has several dealers to choose from, so take some test drives, and find out which features most appeal to you.

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