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Looking for a car for the whole family can be a daunting task. You want something roomy, but responsive. You want all the modern conveniences, but you don’t want it to be too expensive. Mostly, you want something safe and reliable, so you can relax driving the kids to a sporting event or (gulp!) letting your teen borrow it. So, if you’re ready for something like a full-size SUV, but aren’t willing to go full mini-van, take a look at the Chevrolet Traverse. San Antonio, TX, Chevy dealers can outfit you with a new or preowned model to test-drive. Give it a shot, and see if you agree that this is one model you should seriously consider.

Something for Everyone

New and used Traverses come in several different trims (3 main trims with a few sub-trims) with dozens of options. Starting with the LS trim, the new Traverse has OnStar telematics, Bluetooth and an audio system with satellite radio. You can upgrade to include amenities such as triple-zone climate control, leather upholstery, 20-inch alloy wheels, and much, much more. We’re really just scratching the surface.


As a superior crossover vehicle, the Traverse needs to cover a lot of bases – and it does. The three rows of seats are plenty spacious for adults (a rarity in crossovers), and there’s a ton of cargo space – nearly 100 cubic feet (!) in the newest models. While spacious enough for a full-size family SUV, the 2018 is powered by a truck-worthy 3.6-liter V6 which brings 281 horsepower and 253 pound-feet of torque to the table – with the LTZ model upping the power to 288 and 270 respectively – putting a little more kick into dropping the kids off at band practice.

It’s a Handsome Devil

The Traverse has long presented a bold, stylish look with athletic lines and attractive profile. Depending on the year and the trim, there are several combinations of two-tone color schemes with metallic or wood-toned interiors, all contained within the shockingly quiet noise-cancelling cabin.


All these fancy extras don’t mean much if your car isn’t up to the highest possible safety standards. Fortunately, the Chevrolet Traverse delivers with the latest models offering forward collision alerts and front pedestrian braking systems, as well as a lane change alert with a blind side alert warning you of any traffic you might miss in the process of changing lanes. And, it doesn’t end there. Some of the other fairly amazing features include “surround vision” – providing a bird’s-eye view of the area immediately surrounding your car – and adaptive cruise control, where your Traverse automatically maintains a driver-selected distance between you and the car in front of you while in cruise control. What will they think of next?

Teen Driver Technology

Technically, should be under “safety,” but so important it deserves to stand on its own, the Teen Driver option lets you set certain parameters for the still-learning-to-drive. You can set the audio to stay on “mute” until the front seats are buckled, and the voluntary safety features to automatically activate upon ignition. Furthermore, the in-vehicle report card gives you information which you can share with your teen to help him or her form valuable safety habits to last a lifetime.

These are just a few of the reasons this automobile is such a popular car, but if you’re considering purchasing a new or preowned Chevrolet Traverse in San Antonio, TX, take your own test-drive and see for yourself.

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